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Hi, I'm Hans Kärtner

My mission is to make digital currencies accessible to all.

Formerly Product Manager at Change Invest, an app to easily buy stocks, Bitcoin, and 50+ other assets.

I also run Blockchain Tallinn meetups - largest local meetup with 1000+ community members.

Welcome to my personal website, hans.ee. It acts as a simple portfolio and blogging platform to share myself, my ambitions and my passions.

To get started, feel free to check out my blogs or my books list and you might just find something to inspire you!

Dive into blockchain

I'm genuinely passionate about helping people and companies make their first steps into the world of blockchain. I've introduced hundreds (if not thousands!) of people into cryptocurrencies since 2013, and I'm deeply convinced in the long-term potential the technology holds.

Do you feel intrigued to make your first steps into the world of digital currency?

For individuals, I offer my tailored guidance in ensuring your digital assets are safe, and your strategy sound. Reach out! In an industry considered risky by many, I can enable your investment strategy that let you sleep sound at night.

For businesses, I offer my specialized skillset to help you develop better products and seize growth opportunities. Hire me! First and foremost I'm a seasoned problem solver with a very flexible approach. I adapt to your unique needs, and look forward to clearing any business hurdles you might be facing.

Want to seize growth opportunities in the blockchain field for your business? Let's innovate together.

Past projects